Plan how to deal with deadstock before lambing

MAKING PLANS for fallen stock collection before lambing starts could save sheep producers money, improve efficiency and reduce disease risks, advises a National Fallen Stock Scheme registered collector.

Staffs-based Dave Lovatt recommends contacting local registered agents for advice on dealing with deadstock over the lambing period. “We need to marry what is value for money for the producer with removing deadstock quickly,” says Mr Lovatt of Brassington & Co.

“We charge 3 for a 25kg bag and have a minimum charge of 10 a collection, including mileage, making it more cost-effective to arrange a bulk collection.

” He is committed to collecting within 48 hours, where requested, but says arranging weekly or twice weekly collection would be more efficient.

While cold weather means dead lambs won”t decompose quickly, they are at risk from dogs and foxes, which might spread tapeworm. But storing them in bags in a metal cage will prevent other animals reaching them, says vet Mark Burnell of Southfield Vet Centre, Dorset.

Mr Lovatt adds that collection points should be near the farm entrance. “We don”t want the biosecurity risk of looking all over the farm for dead animals.”

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