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Planning your new loose cattle housing unit just got easier

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IAE are the UKs leading supplier of livestock handling and feeding equipment, with a heavy focus on investing in modern technology their mission is to supply excellent value, high quality products that meet the needs of farmers in the UK and across Europe.

Planning to create, extend or refurbish your loose cattle housing for 2021? With extended lead times and volatile pricing on bespoke equipment now could be the time to try a different approach.

If you’ve ever ordered bespoke steelwork for a loose cattle housing project, you’ll understand the satisfaction of every gate closing perfectly in every gap, posts in perfectly regimented lines and water troughs full of clean water just waiting for the first animal.

You will also no doubt have dealt with the frustration of long lead times waiting for the equipment to arrive usually long after the shed has been erected.

The very nature of bespoke equipment often means that dimensions have to be taken when the shed is completed, work off plan and there’s always the danger those gates won’t fit just as well as you’d hoped.

With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing equipment for farmers IAE know a thing or two about gates and they know their new Ag-fit range will revolutionise the way you think about your loose housing requirements

What is Ag-fit?

AG-fit is a new range of products from IAE that satisfy many modern loose housing requirements.

At the heart of the range is a heavy-duty 5-rail telescopic gate designed with the strength and durability required to house pedigree, traditional and Continental breeds.

The gates feature a unique patented collar and plate locking system which does away with protrusive captive nuts and holds the insert firmly in place (bench tests show the fixing system resisted over 1500kg of direct pulling force), the gates are supplied with HD 25mm hinge eyes and a patented double spring bolt closing for security.

Collar and gate with spring bolt


It’s not just a gate…

IAE have identified the needs of the modern beef farmer and bolstered the range with interchangeable inserts for specialist tasks, the inserts include passage gates for moving between pens, squeeze gaps to allow a quick exit from a pen and a very impressive adjustable calf creep insert which allows young stock to transition between pens to access creep. 


Let’s not forget water

The importance of fresh water to cattle can not be understated, it can be an expensive commodity so how do you make sure you’re maximising every drop? IAE have developed a unique quick drain trough with a water protecting visor.

The visor protects the water from straw and muck contamination but is light enough for an animal to nose open to access the clean water.

Supplied with a RXP high flow valve and am 89mm quick drain valve there will always be plenty of clean water available.


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The AG-fit range is available from a number of stockists nationwide.

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Need help planning your new shed, the experienced IAE sales team will be happy to discuss your project and assist planning your layout.