PorkWatch checks labels at show

PIG PRODUCERS were on the look out for misleading labelling of pork products on food stands at the Great Yorkshire Show (Jul 13-15).

Members of the National Pig Association‘s PorkWatch scheme are lobbying for better labelling to identify country of origin.

They believe consumers are keen to buy British pork, but say information on packaging  is often confusing.

PorkWatch chairman, Richard Lister, who farms near Boroughbridge, North Yorks, said most food sold at the show had been clearly labelled.

But there were some ‘grey areas‘, he added.

“It is not always possible to be sure where products come from. We know we cannot supply 100% of UK demand, because so many farmers have sold their herds.

“However we want consumers to be given accurate information, and to make them aware that imported pigmeat is not always produced to our high standards.”

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