A guide to good egg marketing

The real success stories in the egg industry during the past few years are businesses that have embraced branding and marketing to add value to their product.

Here, Poultry World has compiled a number of articles from the May edition of the magazine – as well as some from previous months – that will both show an aspiring egg marketer how to start viewing eggs as a brand, not a commodity, and profiles companies that have successfully done so.

Time to get out of the egg boredom zone

Prof David Hughes of Imperial College, London, explains why he thinks egg has an enormous opportunity to grow its market by introducing an element of “theatre” to its branding.

Bold rewards from boxing clever

Philip and Melanie Shepherd switched to free range like many others when the market grew. What set them apart was the packing station and the Claytons brand they built up alongside it.

Strong brands make a strong sector

How Noble created the Happy Egg Co brand, by using public relations, marketing and mainstream advertising, boosting their margins and changing the face of the egg industry.

L J Fairburn focus on marketing

In early 2013, the Fairburn egg business broke with packer Noble Foods and decided to go it alone. It meant investing in a new brand and approaching supermarkets to secure contracts off their own back.

Knowledge is everything

At K-Fresh eggs, East Yorkshire, Chris Kirkwood markets his colony eggs through honesty and openness. The business began selling to housewives door-to-door and now supplies second-tier supermarkets, as well as fulfilling orders for the public sector, among others.

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