Air Optimizer boasts better air mixing for poultry farms

Belgian equipment manager Tulderhof Agrosystems has launched new air mixing product which can be used for ventilating both broilers and layers.

The Air Optimizer mixes oxygen rich outside air with warm stable indoor air. A fan is used to blow the mix into the middle of the house and also pulls down unused hot air to bird level.

Testing has shown the product also decreases the humidity of the shed it is working in, leading to a healthier environment for animals and lowering the amount of wet litter.

When used in broiler housing, the Air Optimizer increases the amount of available, lowering the need for ventilation. By drawing hot air down from the ridge, it can also lower heating costs.

If used in layer units, the same house ventilation pattern can be maintained, even when the pop holes are opened. The airflow to the middle is good, even when the under pressure disappears, says the company.

The Air Optimizer can be attached to the wall in front of the air inlet valve, or on the air inlet

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