Automated feeder from Feedlogic offers cost savings

Feeding technology specialist Feedlogic Corporation has introduced a new version of its FeedSaver intelligent feeding system aimed at helping producers improve feed use and cut production costs.

“With skyrocketing feed prices, it’s never been more important to get maximum nutrient value out of every kg of feed,” says Feedlogic president Drew Ryder. “Getting the right feed at the right time to a group of birds should be an even higher priority. But with the many diet phases fed in different stages of poultry production, it can be challenging to manage feed deliveries and feed budgets.”

The FeedSaver S-Series addresses this problem by automatically creating the correct diets in the shed using just two or three base diets. Diets can be dedicated to specific bins, making it easier for the feed mill to plan deliveries and reducing errors by feed wagon drivers.

The Feedsaver consists of a stationary version of Feedlogic’s automated system which mixes the base feeds into the desired blend. Diets can be altered frequently according to a prescribed feed strategy.

The Feedsaver also collects data constantly on feed intake, allowing producers to track growth and performance.

The system can be retrofitted into virtually any poultry production facility. Feedlogic believes that in less than 12 months most producers can expect to see a return in lower feed costs, reduced feed waste and more focused management.

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