Blackacre Eggs joins Send a Cow initiative

Southwest producer packer Blackacre Farm Eggs has teamed up with local charity Send a Cow, to help raise funds to support poor families in Africa.

Send a Cow has been operating for 25 years and provides training, livestock, seeds and support to help raise people out of poverty and hunger.

As part of the tie-up, Blackacre has revamped its 10-pack of free-range eggs, with the promise to make a 2p donation per pack.

“In the first year of our partnership we are planning to raise enough money to buy 1,500 chickens to help families in Africa feed themselves,” said managing director Dan Wood.

“But the donation is just the start for us, as we are very much hoping to be able to go to Africa to talk to families out there about their chickens, offering any help and advice we can to ensure they have a bumper egg yield from their birds.”

Send a Cow chief executive Martin Geake said: “Spend on overseas charities is decreasing year on year, possibly because people feel that Africa’s problems are too great for their contribution to make a difference. We have the statistics to prove that our practical and dignified approach to development transforms lives on every level, not just in combating food security and poverty.”

From start to finish, Send a Cow spends around £1,250 to help one family through a transformational five-year programme. The charity also operates a “pass it on principle”, encouraging each African farmer to pass on the benefits (for example their first-born heifer) to another needy family.

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