Broadcasting agency says no to children’s soundtrack

Noble Foods has been asked by the Broadcasting Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC), to change the singers on their new TV advert for Goldenlay omega 3 eggs from children to adults.

The move follows the banning of the famous 1950s Tony Hancock “Go to work on an egg” ad a few months ago.

Noble Foods’ marketing director Finn Cottle said: “We’ve been asked to change the soundtrack on our ad, which is a recording of an old children’s favourite song, “Chick chick chick chick chicken” from child to adult singers.

“The song is familiar to children across the UK, including my own, who love the simplicity of the lyrics. The advert features an animation of chickens and a “bouncing” egg – which demonstrates how clever the egg is because of its highest ever levels of omega 3.”

Noble Foods hope the song will help mothers to encourage their children to eat Goldenlay eggs and increase levels of omega 3 in the diet.

The ad and newly recorded “adult” soundtrack is to be aired today [pancake day], in a GMTV campaign.

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