Cherry Valley launches new higher welfare duck range

This month sees Cherry Valley’s UK-wide launch of its new higher welfare duck range.

Passionate about the quality of the ducks it produces, the firm has gone a step further by developing a higher welfare system “so customers can be satisfied they are receiving the best cared for produce.”

This is being achieved by giving ducks access to verandas from the barns in which they live so they are free to come and go as they please. Birds receive fresh straw on a daily basis and have purpose-built pools of water in the verandas, so that they can wade, preen and paddle.

Another feature of the system is keeping the duck’s drinking water separate in the barns along with the feed, which contains locally-sourced wheat and contains no bonemeal or additives.

The result is that their ducks enjoy natural daylight and fresh air while being protected from countryside predators and disease.

Eric Jagger, sales and marketing director at Cherry Valley, said: “Our welfare standards are second to none and our Farm Fresh Duck range, is in my opinion, impeccable.

“We are very excited about seeing the products on shelves and in restaurants countrywide and we are delighted to be giving more businesses the opportunity to provide customers with fantastic quality and taste from the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside.”

Cherry Valley has 40 years’ experience and a unique farming heritage, producing half and whole ducks, fillets and legs with superior texture and taste qualities into butchers, farm shops, pubs and restaurants.

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