Clarence Court launches Very Large range to fill the gap

Speciality egg producer Clarence Court is launching Very Large Old Cotswold Legbars and Very Large Mabel Pearman’s Burford Browns later this month.

Exclusive to Waitrose, the decision to launch the Very Large range follows a growing demand from customers.

Clarence Court director Lisa Rowe said: “Many people write in saying that one boiled egg in the morning is not enough but that they can’t quite manage two. We therefore noticed a gap in the market for an egg that is a happy-sized medium between the two.”

“We are thrilled to be able to offer Waitrose customers our Very Large range. We adamantly believe our hens, which live in veritable fowl luxury, lay the tastiest eggs. With larger yolks and an excellent rich flavour, we are sure these packs will impress cake-making maestros and breakfast buffs alike,” she said.

Clarence Court’s Very Large range will be available from 14 July.

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