Compounder launches new layer feed range

Feed compounder ABN has launched a new range of commercial layer feed, designed to maximise productivity from modern layer breeds.

Production of the new feed range, comprising Supergold, Sunshine and “traditional” feeds, began in early December following research and a review of the company’s previous range.

“A review of breeding companies’ recommendations from around the world helped us to build a full picture of the nutritional requirements of modern laying hens,” explains ABN’s poultry technical manager John Round.

“In addition, two scientific research trials carried out by ABN as part of the nutritional review showed that the response to dietary energy is now more important than has been thought in the past. In contrast, the response to linoleic acid and amino acids is less so.”

The new Supergold base feed range offers producers the choice of five rations formulated to provide the right nutrients for each stage of the lay, catering for all types of system from caged to free range.

Sensitive to the varying needs of different end customers and retailers, the company also offers a non-GM alternative Sunshine range with natural red pigments with six different rations – five of which are identical in nutritional composition to the Supergold feeds.

To complete the new feed range, ABN has included two “traditional” diets containing either 18% or 16% protein. This type of feed continues to provide the right diet for producers who are looking for just one or two feeds to meet their hens’ needs throughout lay, said Mr Round.

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