Egg record smashed as students celebrate World Egg Day

Exeter College, Oxford teamed up with the British Egg Industry Council to poach a record that was set in 2014 by HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps soldiers at Imjin Barracks, Gloucestershire.


That record stood at 178 but was beaten by five by the students, who had to dunk each soldier twice and eat the eggy toast at the same time.

The record was overseen by Exeter’s sub-rector Dr Barnaby Taylor and by officials from the Guinness World Record and the College’s chaplain Rev Andrew Allen, who confirmed that 183 people had dunked their egg soldier, establishing a new record.

While as world records go this might not match the achievements of fellow Exeter alumnus Sir Roger Bannister, who scrambled to the first four minute mile, it will provide an amusing footnote in the college’s 700 year history as well as providing members of the public with a free breakfast.

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