Global producers to mark World Egg Day

Family fun runs, school recipe challenges, social media campaign launches and conferences are all taking place next Friday (14 October) to mark the 21st anniversary of World Egg Day.

Designed to highlight the versatility and top-quality protein in eggs, the event on the second Friday of October has helped boost global sales.

In the UK, egg consumption continues to grow, rising from 10.3bn eggs eaten in 2004 to an estimated 12.2bn eggs last year.

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This year, British Lion eggs has released on an online video trailer to inspire consumers to “put an egg on it” by cooking egg dishes, sharing them online and attending  the #PutanEggonit street food event at Hawker House in London.

Hungary will be celebrating the event with an Egg Symposium with a keynote presentation coming from the International Egg Commission’s Julian Madeley on “The Global Egg Market: past, present, future – challenges and possibilities.”

Austria has arranged media briefings on egg quality and standards, labelling issues in gastronomy and raising male chicks in organic egg production.

Further afield, the American Egg Board has created a video series featuring “Adventure Egg” who explores recipes from around the world, while Egg Farmers of Canada is releasing a video showing how far-reaching the impact of eggs can be on those who need them most.

Egg producers in Argentina are running an “Egg Gourmet Week” and have donated more than one million eggs through the national food bank scheme.

Farmers in Bangladesh will hold a rally and distribute 5,000 free boiled eggs alongside a “Egg Fest” which will involve leading food companies, hotels and restaurants showcasing egg and poultry produce.

Vietnam is organising food tasting and eggy quizzes while celebrations in  New Zealand will focus around the iconic kiwi dish – the bacon and egg pie, with a promotion encouraging people to share their favourite recipes, tips and memories.

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