Fancom launches controller aimed at natural ventilation systems

Ventilation specialist Fancom has launched a new climate computer for naturally ventilated poultry houses.

The F35 is suitable for all forms of natural ventilation and fits perfectly in situations where a combination of natural and mechanical ventilation is used. It disposes of the full MTT Natural control for minimum ventilation with controllable fans in combination with air inlet or curtains and efficient cooling by tunnel ventilation, with or without pad cooling.

The MTT Natural ventilation system features accurate minimum ventilation and is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation without interrupting the airflow.

Intelligent wind correction, with storm protection, avoids wind influences on the house climate for a controllable climate throughout the entire growth process from one-day old chickens to adult birds, says the company.

Other features include an energy-saving light control with dim and dusk function, energy-saving Optisec heating control, an EasyFeed control for accurate dosing and registration of feed and water, and a PC link.

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