Feed mill back online for North-West poultry producers

Feed producer ABN has once again begun producing monogastric diets at its Langwathby mill, near Penrith, after a seven-year break.

Over that time it was in operation, but producing ruminant feed.

ABN said it represented a “major investment” that would improve the geographical footprint of the business.

Kevin Sketcher, business unit director, added it reflected growing poultry production in the North of England.

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“To be able to better serve our customers in the North, we saw the opportunity to reinvest in Langwathby, a previously operational mill that was lying idle.”

“The mill is currently running at the anticipated production level with scope for future growth, which means that we can react and support industry expansion.  

“This marks a significant development in our business that we hope we can learn from, and potentially role out some of the new technology to our other existing mills,” said Mr Sketcher.

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