Goldenlay tempts kids to Omega 3 from today

Goldenlay Omega 3 Eggs has developed a new idea to encourage kids to eat boiled eggs for breakfast in the morning, called the “Shrinky”.

Available in a range of 10 colourful characters, from a policewoman to a spaceman, “Shrinkies” provide fun decoration for an egg.

The “Shrinky” is slipped over the egg before placing it in boiling water and the character immediately shrinks onto it.

Rob Newell, marketing manager for Goldenlay Omega 3 Eggs said: “We developed the ‘Shrinky’ to help make eating eggs more fun. We know that mums like giving their children eggs and ‘Shrinkies’ help give their children a really good level of omega 3 in a fun way.”

Plans for the future include competitions to let children design their own ‘Shrinky’ characters, some of which will end up as part of the range and will be included in pack, he said.

The first ‘Shrinky’ characters will be available in all packs of Goldenlay Omega 3 Eggs from today (28 July).

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