Heal Farms’ new regional egg brand hits Asda stores

Shropshire-based egg producer, Heal Farms, is launching a new branded egg product – Heal’s Shropshire Free Range Eggs – in partnership with producer packer LJ Fairburn.

The eggs are being sold in 20 Asda stores across the county – the latest in a growing number of regional brands that are now an established feature of the free-range egg market.

They will retail at 80p for six medium, £1.25 for six large, and £2.25 for a dozen large.

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Heal Farms has produced eggs on contract for LJ Fairburn since the end of 2013, following the latter’s well-publicised split from Noble Foods that year.

“There’s an old saying that ‘timing is everything in life’,” said Heal Farms owner Tony Heal.

“They had just set up on their own to supply retailers direct and were looking for like-minded producers.

“Fairburn’s offered us the packing technology and family support we needed to help us expand our business.

“There’s an old saying that ‘timing is everything in life’.”
Tony Heal, Heal Farms owner

“We are both family farming businesses sharing similar values, work ethics and loyalties, and strive to do the best job we can.”

Heal Farms began in 1952 with wooden chicken coops, housing 400 birds.

“It now has 200,000 free-range layers as well as 64,000 rearing birds in two Big Dutchman multi-tier systems, and an 85,000 bird colony unit.”

LJ Fairburn & Son is now one of the largest egg producers, packers and suppliers in the UK, delivering more than 13m eggs each week from a mix of free-range, colony, barn and organic layers.  

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