Home-learning poultry course launched

Scotland’s Rural University College (SRUC) has introduced an HNC in poultry production that can be studied part time, and almost entirely from home.

The course, which previously could only be undertaken on-campus and was full-time over a year, will now be available over two years with assessments completed online – attendance is required at only two sessions on campus. It is due to begin in September.

Lorraine McAulay, programme leader, said that the new course was aimed at those who cannot afford to go back to college and sacrifice a salary, and keeping it almost entirely online was for those working on farms who found it difficult to get away.

“In an industry where finding qualified workers is a real problem, this is a side that hasn’t really been explored yet,” added Ms Mcaulay. “Potential students with no industry experience who want a career in poultry will pay for the education themselves but need to do so while keeping a full-time job.

“The alternative can, in some cases, mean relocating the family. So this online delivery offers a real opportunity and with less disruption for partners or children.”

The course is split into 12 modules, each costing £110. Subjects include Poultry Meat Production Systems; Poultry Behaviour and Welfare, and Poultry Health and Business Management. Individual modules can be studied for professional development or as part of a continual professional development scheme (CPD).

Ms Mcaulay added that the course was open to anybody in Europe, and the college was looking to expand it internationally, though it was currently only available in English.

For more information contact Lorraine McAulay at lorraine.mcaulay@sruc.ac.uk or 01292 886 171.

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