Iceland cuts free-range egg price to 50p for six

Frozen food retailer Iceland is promoting its own label free-range eggs at six large for just 50p – almost certainly the lowest price ever at retail. 

It is currently selling free-range eggs for less than it offers the caged egg equivalent. 

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The supermarket cut the price as part of a one-week sale and is due to revert to 89p on 21 June.

A spokesman said it was part of a series of “seven day deals” which had to date included items such as bread, butter, bananas and beef mince.

“Free range eggs are important to our customers so we have invested our own money to make this product accessible to everyone. It is a limited offer that only runs for seven days,” he added.

To contrast, large colony eggs are listed at £1 for 10. 

It represents a new low after a period of depressed prices for free-range eggs. 

Below the cost of production

James Baxter, who is a free-range poultry farmer and vice-chair of the British Free Range Egg Producers, said the move was “really quite worrying”.

 “This is the latest in a long race to the bottom.  

“They are selling eggs at below the cost of production, once you take into account packing transport and grading. 

“That’s disturbing, and I don’t see how any good can come out of it for farmers.” 

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