Irish firm sells £11m worth of CHP plants to UK farmers

Irish renewable energy firm BHSL has completed deals worth €13m (£10.9m) with eight large-scale poultry units in Britain

The eight BHSL Energy Centre manure-to-energy units will be shipped from BHSL’s plant in Ballagh, County Limerick, and installed by March 2017.

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The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units convert poultry manure into energy for heating to raise batches of chicks.

They also generate electricity to meet the farm’s power requirements, with any excess available for sale to the national grid.

In addition to existing sales and marketing initiatives in the US and UK, the company is targeting markets in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.

BHSL recently commenced a process to raise at least €7m (£5.8m) in new equity to support its global expansion and open offices in the US, continental Europe and the Middle East. It expects to complete this process by the end of February.

BHSL founder and director Jack O’Connor said: “Poultry farms have big electricity bills and there is enough manure created to provide both heat and electricity.

“In fact, by generating electricity, all the manure on a site can be used, completely removing the need to spread manure, which is increasingly considered a pollutant and restricted by law.”

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