Online checks available to Lion Code egg subscribers

British Lion Code subscribers can now access a new web portal, designed to help them keep track of their audits.

Commissioned by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) and developed by assessors from NSF Agriculture, the online tool gives subscribers access to an easy-to-use dashboard that allows them to see real-time audit data about their sites.

They can find out when audits are due, while any non-compliances raised can be rectified by submitting evidence of corrective action through the portal.

The system also gathers information on the top non-compliances raised.

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“We have focussed on providing a system that is a positive help to members using today’s technology,” said NSF poultry certification manager Heather Rose. “We have endeavoured to strike a balance between information and ease of use, with colour guidance and graphics.”

NSF Agriculture was appointed as independent assessors to the BEIC in 2012, covering packing centres, breeding, rearing and laying farms, hatcheries and feed mills – more than 1,750 site inspections in total.

Certification is provided by NSF’s specialist independent certification body NSF Certification.

NSF is also the independent control body overseeing the annual collection of samples from egg-producing farms as required under the National Control Programme for salmonella.

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