Moy Park invest £2.5m in its poultry processing site

Moy Park is investing £2.5m at its processing site at Seagoe, Craigavon, as part of its ongoing improvement programme, enabling it to remain competitive in the further processed sector.

Investing in the latest frying and fast chilling equipment will allow greater flexibility and the best available energy efficient technology.

Moy Park will therefore meet all environmental legislation and will ensure better levels of service for its customers.

Nigel Dunlop, Moy Park managing director, said: “The company has always used the watchwords ‘Being Best by Being Better’ and this investment underpins that mission.

“While the investment was signed off some time before we joined the Marfrig Group, this continuous plant improvement is very much the Marfrig way also. Only with the best plant can we expect to stay world class.”

Improvements will further streamline production at Craigavon, stepping up customer service with seven-day production and delivery throughout the year.

Building work began back in September and the main refit site work will run from November through to mid-February 2009.

“Times might be tough, but we’re ever mindful that in a sector as global as ours, there’s always someone ready to take advantage if we don’t stay ahead in every respect of our operation – having the best production facilities gives Moy Park its edge,” said Mr Dunlop.

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