New brooder from Space-Ray

Improved fuel efficiency and easier maintenance are being claimed by heating system manufacturer Space-Ray for its latest brooder.

“Instead of wasting fuel using a standard pilot light, the new No 5 Direct Spark Ignition Brooder has a powerful spark-ignition system that directly lights the main burner,” said a company statement. “This lowers maintenance since there is no standing pilot to clog up, blow out or waste fuel.”

The company claims that poultry producers can save up to 22 litres of propane a day in a house installed with 14 of the new brooders.

“An independent fuel study in the UK found that the cost per brooder per day was up to 84p, or £169 per year, less than that of a conventional pilot brooder,” said managing director Damien Oakley.

Available in natural or propane gas, the new brooder has a 12 kW/hr capacity and features a broad heat pattern, which aims the radiant heat directly at the birds and the litter area, rather than heating the upper areas of the poultry house first before stratifying it down.

The DSI brooder can be used in both single and multi-zone installations controlled by thermostats, a computer or an environmental controller.

Gas consumption per hour at full heat is 1.63 litres/hr for propane and 1.17m3/hr for natural gas, and each brooder incorporates a 100% gas safety shut-off value and a flame failure safety device

Stock capacities per burner are 2000 to 3000 broilers, 1500 to 2000 pullets, 750 to 1000 turkeys or ducks and 1500 to 2000 pheasants.

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