New enzyme technology allows use of key biofuel by-product in poultry rations

Advances in enzyme technology now allow poultry producers to reduce feed costs by using a key by-product of the bio-fuel industry.

Speaking at the recent University of Nottingham Feed Conference, Alexandre Peron of Danisco Animal Nutrition described how the latest enzymes could allow poultry producer to replace a proportion of the cereal in poultry rations with the cheaper distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS).

DDGS is a by-product of the food and bio-ethanol industries and its lower price has led to its increased use in general animal feed. While DDGS is potentially a cost effective and valuable feed ingredient, there are certain anti-nutritional factors limiting its use in poultry rations.

But new research revealed by Dr Peron at the conference shows how the latest enzymes can help overcome these limitations, by improving the nutrient digestibility.

A trial conducted by Auburn University, USA, showed that adding both a new-generation bacterial phytase together with xylanase, amylase and protease enzymes to broiler diets containing 10% corn DDGS improved bird performance. Weight gain was 5-12% higher and feed use efficiency up by 3-5%, than when not using the enzymes.

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