New forum launched for free-range producers

Have you got a question about range management? Perhaps you are facing a particular disease or pest challenge. Or maybe your birds are reluctant to range properly. Or you might be considering some form of range enrichment.

To answer these types of questions, and any other issues readers may be facing in relation to range management, Poultry World has assembled a panel of experts who are waiting to give you the answers.

A special Range Management forum is now open on our website. Just follow this link, register as a forum user if necessary, and post your question.

Throughout the week commencing 9 May, the panel of experts will be visiting the forum daily and posting their answers.


The Poultry World panel includes:

Turner, Richard 1Richard Turner, partner in the St David’s Vet Group and founding member of the St David’s Poultry Team and Datapoul. Mr Turner has been at the forefront of establishing bespoke veterinary health plans, tailored to individual farm needs.



Clout, SteveSteve Clout, poultry feed specialist with Humphrey Feeds. Mr Clout has worked in poultry throughout his career and is a highly respected member of the Humphrey Feeds team of on-farm poultry specialists.



Scott, DavidDavid Scott, managing director of breeding company Lohmann GB. Mr Scott has been involved in the poultry industry since 1986. Originally running a commercial layer operation in Aberdeenshire, Mr Scott moved to Worcester in 1992 to start marketing Lohmann birds in the UK.



To get involved with the special range management forum, by posting a question, simply follow this link, then click on the “Reply” tab and enter your question in the “Message” box. (If you are not already registered, you will be asked to do so after hitting “Reply”. This should only take a minute or two.)

The appropriate member of the panel will then give you a detailed response during the week of 9-11 May. It’s as simple as that.

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