New sales agents for FarmGate hatcheries

Buchanan Turkeys of Co Londonderry has been appointed sales agent for Northern Ireland by seasonal poultry supplier FarmGate Hatcheries, owned by Kelly Turkeys.

The Buchanan family, which has been rearing Christmas turkeys since 1999 on its farm between Kilrea and Upperlands, last year expanded its activities with the purchase of poult suppliers Downview Turkeys.

It will now be supplying approximately 30,000 day-old poults and four-to-six-week-old growers to Christmas turkey producers across Ireland. It has the full range of FarmGate bronze and white feathered breeds available, from the Tiny and Super Mini to the Wrolstad and Plumpy.

Jonathan and Lois Buchanan have been sourcing turkeys for their own Christmas market from FarmGate Hatcheries for 10 years and have developed a close association with FarmGate owners, the Kelly family. Last autumn they ran a turkey marketing event in conjunction with FarmGate managing director Paul Kelly – the first of its kind in Ireland.

“Jonathan has a great insight into the turkey industry and is very passionate about it,” said Mr Kelly. “He sees the importance of marketing to develop the premium traditional Christmas turkey brand and achieve a fair return.”

Bronze turkeys, which now dominate the premium Christmas market in England, are gaining popularity in Ireland, but still only account for one quarter of sales.

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