Feeding pelleted feed helps boost turkey weights

New trial results show that turkeys benefit from being fed a pelleted feed instead of meal with a 5% higher bodyweight at 20 weeks.

This benefit is due to increased uniformity of nutrient supply and less wastage during transport and feeding. “Pelleted feeds provide an easy to ingest, concentrated nutrient source that have been through a heating cycle and will, therefore, have a significantly reduced bacterial count,” says Kiotechagil’s chief technical officer, Murray Hyden.

“The heat of processing also assists with digestibility by pre-gelatinising starches and activating in-feed enzymes.”

But pellet quality is subject to many factors including ration formulation, grist size and stream quality. And, as it is extremely difficult to optimise all these factors, it’s worth using a top quality pellet binder.

Ideally, use a binder which also contains a pellet hardener, as this ensures that pellets are not crushed during transport and feeding.