Turkey producers advised to ‘make a difference’

Seasonal turkey producers have been reminded of the importance of marketing to differentiate their produce, in the face of a growing number of birds sold to wholesalers.

“When marketing your produce, it only takes a few little things to really make a difference. Putting the bird in a presentation box is a good start, then think about including cooking instruction leaflets and perhaps a pop-up thermometer,” said Michael Bailey, vice chairman of the NFU Poultry Board, at the recent NFU Cymru turkey marketing meeting.

“We know consumers are finding things tight moneywise at the moment and, whilst they still want something special for the Christmas meal, they do want to feel they are getting value.

“Most importantly, producers really need to be selling the fact that their turkeys are local,” he added.

NFU figures have found a rise in the number of birds being sold to the wholesale market, where the premium from selling at the farmgate or through local butchers can be lost.

Clare Morgan, NFU Cymru poultry group chairman, told the meeting that turkey farmers should champion their produce, and that meant marketing end produce more effectively.

“Our poultry products are reared on traditional local farms where achieving high levels of animal health and welfare standards is extremely important to us as Welsh producers,” she added.

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