Pig and poultry research at SRUC tied up

Scottish agricultural college SRUC has set up a Monogastric Science Research Centre to find ways in which its pig and poultry research teams can work more closely together.

Both teams will try to identify research that apply to poultry but which findings can also apply to pigs. They will also look for projects that can aid both species.

SRUC’s current pig and poultry research facilities will remain, for the most part, separate.

Dr Jos Houdijk, who will lead the centre, said clients often looked to do studies relating to both animals. “Launching this centre is timely, appropriate and logical.”

He added the SRUC already had two large projects assessing the potential of home-grown proteins to supplant soya imports. Dr Houdijk felt that more joint projects would be “essential” in addressing future challenges.

“The gut is incredibly important, both when it comes to efficiently processing food and effectively resisting disease, and there are many questions still to be answered when it comes to balancing these two priorities under the overall objective to increase sustainability of animal production systems. Our new centre will help facilitate joint research in this area in the years ahead.”

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