Poultry producers forced to change worming practice

Enforcement of the Veterinary Medicines legislation will require thousands of poultry owners to change the way they worm their birds in the future, warns Janssen Animal Health.

In the past many poultry keepers with small to medium-sized flocks have used Flubenvet 2.5% Medicated Premixture 240g pack. However, going forwards, it will no longer be possible to do so unless individuals (or companies) are approved and registered to mix medicines into feed.

However, the 60g pack launched back in 2008 and aimed at domestic poultry, remains widely available and can still be used without having to register. Each pack is suitable to treat around 20 chickens.

This warning from Janssen came about after the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) confirmed that medicated feed supplements, which need to be mixed in greater than 30kg of animal feed (schedule 5 products), can no longer be supplied to veterinary practices, pharmacists or animal health retailers, for them to sell, unless they register as approved distributors of schedule 5 products.

Janssen added that most retail outlets do not register because they do not sell significant quantities of these products and there is also a cost involved that makes it unattractive to most merchants.

Registered retailers are also only able to sell medicated premixtures for mixing into more than 30kg of feed to customers who are specifically registered with the VMD to mix these into animal foods.

Janssen Animal Health vet Nigel Underwood confirmed the requirements: “We are advising all poultry keepers about this legislation. We must comply with the law and are simply not able to supply unregistered wholesalers, merchants, pharmacies of vet practices with medicated premixtures, unless they are approved.”

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