Resources to help get poultry buildings right

The buildings that house poultry are usually the most significant investment that a farmer will make. It’s important to get it right.

The following features have all appeared in Poultry World and offer a look into new installations, guidance around planning applications and a profile of a producer who manages sheds that are somewhat ancient.

Fitting an enriched colony system

Egg producer Tony Heal recently converted a defunct 32,000 conventional cage unit into an extended 85,000-bird colony system. Poultry World paid a visit.

A new multi-tier brand enters the UK

Free-range egg farmer Mike Wilkinson needed to rebuild after a fire devastated one of his units. He chose a multi-tier system that was one of the first of its type in the UK.

Overcoming the challenge of older buildings

Rachel Almey was Pfizer Trainee of the Year 2012. She grows 80,000 broilers in sheds that are up to 50 years old and posts excellent performance figures.

Think like an objector when it comes to planning

Senior planning adviser for the NFU Ivan Moss and landscape architect Nicholas Pearson offer their advice on submitting a planning application for new poultry sheds.

DIY poultry sheds

How father-and-son team Alan and Charles Simpson built new broiler sheds on their Shropshire farm.

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