SKA launches new nest box aimed at poultry breeder flocks

SKA has launched the new automatic Zeus nest and while it’s intended primarily for breeder flocks, it is also suitable for all layers.

Nests are constructed in 2.4m (7.9ft) long modules, each divided into four compartments with Astro Turf matting on the floor. Integral control bird access to the nests, according to the settings selected on the time control.

The four compartments are either 0.43 or 0.53m (1.4 or 1.7ft) deep and 1.2m (3.9ft) wide for about 46 to 56 broiler breeder females, or 60 to 76 commercial layers at 120/sq m, says the company.

Zeus nest

Along with providing a particularly safe, comfortable and attractive environment for the birds, the designers concentrated on simplifying the management and maintenance requirements of the nest and making the assembly quicker, easier and more economical.

Eggs roll from the nests onto a central perforated polypropylene belt for transportation into the packing area, using the same proven mechanics of the company’s existing Avio nest.

The belt, with speed control, can terminate in a collecting table with a photo electric cell to stop it when all eggs reach the end. Alternatively, the belt can transfer eggs onto a SKA Convoy conveyor which can then transport them to a packing area elsewhere on the site.

It is available now in single tier layout and SKA hopes to shortly launch a two tier version.

ELM (SKA UK distributor)

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