Two new rodent baits for poultry farmers

The succession of mild winters has generally been blamed for an explosion in numbers of vermin and to help producers keep on top of populations, Suffolk-based GE Baker to bring two new rat and mouse baits to the UK market.

Dife Blocks, which have already been used throughout Europe with great success, are made from highly-attractive mixed cereals compressed into easy-to-use blocks containing 0.005% of the active ingredient difenacoum. Blocks are multi-edged to encourage nibbling and they are manufactured with holes enabling users to slide them on to rods for placing within a baiting station.


For indoor or outdoor use, the 30g blocks are supplied in 3kg, 5kg and 10kg tubs priced from £29.95.

The second new bait is Bromagrain, containing 0.005% of the active ingredient bromadiolone. It is a fast-acting whole-wheat bait, using premium-grade grain containing aniseed, which the company claims is an irresistible attractant to rodents, so enhancing rapid uptake.

As with the Dife Blocks, they are suitable for use indoors and outside use, they are micronised to prevent wheat germination and contain a bitter agent to make them unpalatable to non-target animals and children.

Bromagrain is available in 10kg and 20kg packs priced at £45.65 and £55.95, respectively. They also come in 100g sachets priced at £32.95 for a 10kg tub.

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