Video: BEIC chief exec on beak trimming and the egg market

The British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) is “very, very concerned” that the review in 2015 on beak trimming, with a possible ban in 2016, could come about for “all the wrong reasons”.

“We’re very keen that if there should be any ban it’s based on sound science.

“However politics, no doubt, will play a large part in that and we’re very keen to ensure that our industry and the welfare of hens is not severely disadvantaged,” Mark Williams, chief executive of the BEIC told Poultry World.
“At this time we believe that we are not ready for a ban on beak trimming,” he added.

Mr Williams also said that EUWEP, the representative body for the European  egg industry, felt free trade agreements with third countries threatened to undercut the UK – and the EU – egg market because of a lower cost of production, largely garnered through lower welfare.

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