Revolutionary new wormer breaks through resistance barrier

The first new class of wormer in 25 years has been launched which will help in the fight against roundworms including resistant strains.

Zolvix kills all key sheep gastro-intestinal roundworms, including those resistant to existing treatments and because of its unique mode of action it will form a fourth anthelmintic group Amino-Acetonitrile Derivatives (AADs) and will be known as 4-AD.

And because Zolvix manages worm burdens and kills worms resistant to other anthelmintic groups, it will improve the sustainability of other drench families, according to Novartis Animal Health’s Simon Harris.

“While Zolvix could be a lifeline for farmers who are already facing the challenge of wormer resistance to all three of the other wormer groups, we are recommending all farmers use it in conjunction with their current wormers.”

He explains that Zolvix could be used as a quarantine dose to treat all sheep moving on to farm as recommend by SCOPs. “This will prevent the importation of all roundworms including worms that are resistant to the current classes of anthelmintics, thus preserving their effectiveness,” he says.

The other key time to use Zolvix is mid season lambs, when they may have built up a burden of resistant worms following use of other classes of wormer. As Zolvix has 99.9% efficacy against target worms, including resistant worms, its use removes this resistant worm burden.

Carefully integrating Zolvix in to worm control strategies will allow sheep farmers to reap the benefit of this novel group, says independent sheep consultant Lesley Stubbings. “Resistance has become an ever increasing threat since the last new anthelmintic group was introduced to the market more than 25 years ago. Zolvix offers farmers a valuable opportunity to maintain good worm control,” she says.