SAC podcasts give livestovk health advice

Farmers can now access technical advice on livestock health through a series of podcasts from the SAC.

Recorded by SAC vets, the podcasts cover topics from pre-tupping management to minimising disease in housed cattle, parasite control and fertility management. Future topics include worm control strategies and fertility benchmarking.

Former BBC Scotland producer, Sam Thom, recorded the series by using a conversational style to address key issues affecting livestock managers.

Written transcripts of each interview and articles on the subjects will be available on the SAC website to view or download.

According to the SAC’s consulting veterinary services manager, Brian Hosie, the podcasts can be listened to on the go.

“We have been experimenting with audio podcasts for some time, and deciding how best they can fit into our activities and staff availability. Not everyone wants to sit and read a lot of text. This new, monthly livestock series is the next step in our programme, and we have plans to use other opportunities to help get important messages across.”

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