Scottish MSP will “look again” at IPPC fees

Ross Finnie, The Scottish Parliament’s Minister for Environment and Rural Development, agreed to “look again” at Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control (IPPC) fees this month.

The move comes after fellow MSP (Members of the Scottish Parliament), Stewart Stevenson, raised the issue of IPPC fees.  Mr Stevenson said that he was “pleased” that Mr Finnie recognised there was a “genuine issue of concern here and undertook to look at the matter”.

Mr Stevenson, Banff & Buchan MSP, invited Mr Finnie to a farm in Banffshire to meet local farmer representatives, where he brought up the subject of IPPC fees.

“I know from my constituents involved in the sector that the cost of simply applying for an IPPC permit at just under £3,600 is a huge concern, added to that a further £2,500 per annum simply to operate.  And all this is before any requirements which may be imposed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency as a result of the new regime.