Service offers haulage benefits

FARMERS AND hauliers are set to benefit from a new service launched by Backload UK Ltd at the Royal Show.

The Backload scheme will cut haulage costs for livestock farmers, and boost efficiency for the nation‘s livestock hauliers.

The aim is to co-ordinate livestock movements and so minimise the number of empty journeys undertaken by lorry drivers.

“This is a win-win situation for the whole industry,” said marketing and strategy director Chris Tory. “Our aim is to find a better and more economic use of haulage.”

Farmers and ABM approved hauliers can register for the scheme for free, and Backload, in partnership with HBG Assistance, matches up available trucks with local jobs.

Farmers therefore only pay for a one-way journey rather than a return trip, and haulage firms benefit from greater efficiencies.

The scheme should also aid auction markets and abattoirs by widening the catchment area due to lower haulage costs, said Mr Tory.

Phil Stocker, head of agriculture at the Soil Association, said: “The encouragement of farm to farm transport reduces the number of individual movements and minimises stress.

“Less overall movement lowers food miles, and a service to co-ordinate livestock transport will help producers to source the most suitable stock available.”

Backload charges a 15% commission, and arranges timing of collections and drop-offs as well as payment and invoicing.

To register, call free on 0800 0852092 for hauliers or 0800 0851554 for farmers.

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