Sheep Event 2010: Long wait for EID tags

Farmers holding off ordering EID tags could be in for a delay with sale season about to kick off.

Wait times already range from days to several weeks with peak demand putting pressure on tag manufacturers

Fearing International‘s Andrew Cowan said processes had to be streamlined which for many was causing part of the delay.

“Because legislation came in quite late in the day farmers didn’t have time to react and neither did the manufacturers, which caused the backlog around lambing time and a five-week delay. Now clients are only waiting two weeks because the system is up and running.”

Streamlining the manufacturing process has also brought down the waiting time for Ritchey clients, explained the company’s product development manager Paul Hunter.

“We now have a three-week waiting time, but at its worst people were waiting six weeks. It’s important they don’t leave it until the last minute to order – at the end of the day lamb numbers can be predicted from scanning, so order then and you will be guaranteed tags.”

Shearwell Data estimated similar times of three weeks, whereas Dalton Tags was estimating 10 days, explained managing director Dan Brierley.

“Normally clients could have tags within three to five days but we currently have waiting times of 10 days. However, we have a next-day service at an extra surcharge.”

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