Herdwatch launches Flockwatch app for sheep farmers

Sheep farmers looking to automate flock paperwork can track ewe and lamb performance and manage medicine records by downloading a new app.

Flockwatch is the second app from Herdwatch, which launched its farm management software for dairy and beef farmers, also called Herdwatch, in 2014.

Flockwatch allows users to:

  • Manage individual sheep or groups
  • Record lambing and track ewe performance
  • Record weights to track average daily gains
  • Connect an electronic identification reader to scan ear tags and view an animal’s history or add records easily
  • Capture feed and medicine records for farm compliance.

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Sheep with lambs and Flockwatch app

© Herdwatch

Maker Herdwatch says Flockwatch can assist farmers with compliance.

The Herdwatch app saves farmers three hours a week on average, according to a recent survey of 1,600 farmers.

But the company claims that, as well as compliance, Herdwatch has proven useful for monitoring herd performance, too.

CEO Fabien Peyaud said: “Our existing members find it very useful to make better and faster on-farm decisions. 

“Flockwatch is going to do the same thing for sheep farmers by allowing them to track flock performance and health individually or in groups in one simple to use app.” 

The Flockwatch app can be downloaded for free through the Herdwatch site. Pricing starts at £12.42/month for up to 99 sheep.