Sickening video shows sheep ripped apart by three dogs

A police investigation is under way after harrowing footage emerged of a sheep being ripped apart by three dogs.

Shocked walker Savannah Robinson discovered three black Staffordshire bull terriers attacking the helpless sheep on land in Great Orme, Llandudno, in North Wales, on Thursday (4 January).

Ms Robinson, from Liverpool, filmed the gruesome attack and released it on social media in the hope the dog owners can be identified. The video has attracted more than 29,000 views.

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She said on Twitter: “I was on my own, and not willing to step in on three dogs ripping apart a presumed dead sheep (by the state of it) for my own safety.

“I’m absolutely gutted I could have done more, not my responsibility to control someone else’s dogs.”

North Wales Police’s (NWP) rural crime team have thanked Ms Robinson for putting herself in a “potentially dangerous position”.

The sheep died from its injuries following the attack.

A bloodied sheep

© North Wales Police

Sgt Rob Taylor, NWP rural crime team leader, said police would like to trace two people seen in the area at the time who appeared to be the owners.

He added: “These three dogs were brown/black tan ‘Staffie’ types with very distinctive bright harnesses – a yellow, red and green.

“This happened on the Orme at about 12pm (4 January). If this person is from, either locally in North Wales, or away, with the power of Twitter and social media, we should be able to apprehend this person and make sure justice is brought.

“Sadly, the sheep has died. This is just one of many, many attacks we have. But we have got a real chance of catching this person. Make that call. Do the right thing.”

Anyone with information is urged to call NWP on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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