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Clever compost system makes easy work of manure treatment

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CompoLiner: residue treatment with a complete system that comes ready to be connected

Composting dry poultry manure or separated pig slurry fully automatically is now possible with CompoLiner from Big Dutchman.

After developing and testing the innovation for several years CompoLiner is now ready to be released for worldwide sale.

The new composting system is easy-to-operate, has a fully-automatic process control and can easily be adjusted to handle differing volumes.

Big Dutchman product engineers have put many hours of work into the system, and their work has clearly paid off.

Inside the ready-to-be-connected composting system, microorganisms degrade the organic input material, such as poultry manure or separated pig slurry, in an aerobic environment.

The resulting, valuable organic fertiliser can be used for general soil improvement in horticulture and agriculture.

Flexible composting system: CompoLiner consists of at least two and no more than eight 40” containers (80 to 360 m³)

How the CompoLiner system works

An automatic conveying system or a wheel loader transports the input material, which should have a dry matter content of more than 40%, to the filling side, where it enters CompoLiner.

A lane turner then mills, homogenises and conveys the material to the discharging auger.

The lane turner can move freely along the entire system length. A specially developed aerated floor is responsible for the directed supply of oxygen.

A compressor continuously guides the fresh air, and therefore the oxygen required for degradation, into the material.

The temperature and oxygen content in the compost are permanently measured by a sensor.

The composting process automatically takes place under ideal oxygen and temperature conditions.

The interior of CompoLiner is lined with stainless steel.

After a specific storage period that depends on the composted material, an auger discharges the compost at the other end of the container.

Advantages of CompoLiner

  • Modular setup consisting of 40-foot (standard) containers
  • A variable capacity from 80 to 360 m³, which corresponds to approx. 50,000 to 200,000 layers
  • An integrated control unit in a cabinet in the rear end set controls the system
  • Good resistance to corrosion since the entire system’s interior is lined with stainless steel
  • Central emission extraction

Control cabinet for fully automatic control