Smartphone reads and updates sheep ear tag data

Farmers can now use their smartphone to read and update data on a sheep’s electronic ear tag thanks to a new low-cost management tool.

Countryside FarmWizard has produced a package that provides farmers with a rugged Android smartphone containing the FarmWizard software app as well as a Bluetooth stick reader.

The phone is paired with the stick reader via Bluetooth. This enables the user to add new sheep to an electronic flock book, record sales and deaths and allows for common flock management operations such as the recording of treatments and stock taking.

Historic information about individual sheep may be retrieved and displayed on the farmer’s phone simply by scanning the electronic tag. Information recorded on the phone is then available for the farmer on the main FarmWizard website where it may be analysed or, in the case of a flock book, printed out.

John Black Countryside Services UK sales manager says farmers not only benefit from the farm software, but also a phone that is designed to survive in a farm environment.

“The phone also comes with a unlimited usage contract, which means no more expensive phone repairs or unexpected large bills at the end of the month,” he adds.

Prices for the new management system start at £360.

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