Stabiliser is plays a key role in suckler herd control

Building a profitable future from home resources is the theme of the Northwest Stabiliser Cattle project’s summer focus farm visit.

Visiting Kit Crag, Selside, Kendal, host farmers the Dixon brothers, James, Andrew and Richard will discuss how the Stabiliser is playing a key role in their suckler herd to improve overall performance and reduce costs.

James Dixon says right from the start they have been convinced the Stabiliser would not only help their farm, but all beef producers in the area to be more sustainable.

Cattle head Cow

“Since we introduced the Stabiliser as a dam line to our suckler herd, we are finding that it is ticking all the right boxes in terms of improved performance and reducing input costs, in particular feed and labour.

“For example last season we put F1 heifers to the Stabiliser bull and they averaged two years at calving, at which stage they hadn’t received any form of concentrate. There was no real issue at calving and the calves weighed less than 40kg,” he says

Kit Crag is home to five new multiplier Stabiliser herds which has been established since the launch of the Northwest Stabiliser Project

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