Suspected case of Newcastle Disease being investigated

A suspected outbreak of Newcastle Disease in East Lothian is currently being investigated by the State Veterinary Service.


As part of the Scottish Executive’s contingency plan for Newcastle Disease, the premises have been placed under restrictions while the SVS carries out its investigation.


Samples have been sent for analysis at Weybridge and the Scottish Executive expects to have the results this weekend.


Newcastle Disease is a notifiable disease of poultry and does not have any significant public health implications.


Symptoms include gasping and coughing, drooping wings and other nervous signs. Birds can also have swelling of tissues around the eyes and neck and excrete greenish, watery diarrhoea.


Laying birds, birds can experience a drop in egg production and produce thin-shelled eggs.


The last UK case of Newcastle Disease occurred last summer, resulting in the culling of thousands of pheasants in Surrey.


Anybody suspecting the disease should report it immediately to the SVS.