The life of a dairy farmer is like clockwork for Adrian Harrison

I am already late with my article and I am sitting here half asleep having been “living it up” last night at Sheffield Arena watching indoor motorbike trials. I saw a few of my farming counterparts in the audience, one of whom had just bought himself a £40 hot dog from the arena cafe. I’m sure they will share my lack of sleep. I finally got to bed at 2am and then had to get up to milk at 5.30am.

One of the funny things about being a dairy farmer is that inbuilt clock – I have been subjected to much ridicule by family members for it. No need for a morning alarm, as 5.30am is well engrained, no need for a lunch bell and definitely no need for a four o’clock milking bell. It has even been suggested that there is a piece of elastic tied to me and one to the farm and the further I go away the faster it pulls me back.

Anyway enough bitter and twisting about being tied. The rain and wind here over Christmas was unprecedented and we have developed leaks in places where leaks have never been before. It has been so wet that I was even considering trading in the pickup for an amphibious vehicle.

The wet and warm conditions have led to an unexpected loss of cows in September and October, which has left us short of cow numbers. We are now thinking of buying some in to fill a gap – unusual for us as we have been a closed herd for five years.

Farmer Focus – Adrian Harrison

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