Two new bulls for Semex

Semex has introduced two new bulls, offering strength and power and good udder attachment to its stud.

Stantons Steady is a new recruit from the well-known 600-cow Stantons herd. He is a Mr Sam son out of the well-known Saturday family, and promises to inject strength and power to complement many of the more refined cattle that are common in UK herds, according to Semex’ genetics manager Willie Tait.

His Interbull proof gives him +198kg milk, with high fat percentage (+0.14%) and level protein percentage. He is “Excellent” for overall Type at +14 Conformation in Canada (+2.81 UK Type Merit), as well as for Mammary at +10 (+2.49 UK) and Legs and Feet at +11 (+2.47 UK).

“He breeds long, wide-chested cows with the strength to handle any management system,” says Mr Tait. “They have strong top-lines and rumps with just the right slope and shape to help them calve out easily.”

The second newcomer, Canyon Breeze Alaska, debuts in the Top 10 LPI in Canada. “A son of Laudan, his proof pattern indicates he will breed daughters that will calve down easily and have a long, healthy life.”

He has a proof of +331kg Milk, +14kg Fat (+0.14%), +14kg Protein (+0.01%) and -8 Somatic Cell Count for optimum milk revenues.

“He produces daughters that have well-attached udders with a strong centre ligament for longevity and functionality,” says Mr Tait. “The legs are clean-boned, and the feet have deep heel.”

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