Type classification remains the prize

PEDIGREE BREEDING increases the value of stock and without the interest it inspires in cows, Anglesey milk producer Trevor Lloyd thinks his business would suffer.

“I see my herd as my most valuable business resource. Being pedigree provides essential management information, on milk production and type.

“Pedigree registration is the only way I can type classify. This identifies any weaknesses and allows me to correct them. Pedigree status is not the prize, type classification is,” said Mr Lloyd, who has expanded his herd to 200 cows from 70 in 10 years.

He also pointed out that it cost as much to rear a heifer whether it was pedigree or not, but the pedigree one was worth more. Pedigree status meant better prices when surplus stock were sold and increased the value of the herd.

“And now, it also acts as an insurance policy with government policy on stock values for notifiable diseases.

” But Mr Lloyd reckoned care was needed to avoid the disadvantage of keeping cows out of sentiment even though they were unprofitable, because they had classified well.

“I get great pleasure from pedigree cows, but it must pay.”

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