UK’s largest egg packers to merge

Deans Foods and Stonegate are to merge under the common ownership of a new company, Noble Foods. 


The new company will be equally owned by Peter Dean (Deans), who will become chairman and Michael Kent (Stonegate) who will be chief executive of the enlarged group. 


Noble Foods will become the leading supplier of eggs and egg products in the UK, accounting for more than 46% of  production (see table).


Deans Foods and Stonegate, as subsidiaries, will continue offering different approaches to egg marketing. 


“By coming together, we can create a streamlined, world class company. It will also ensure a successful future for our employees and our egg suppliers while providing an unrivalled service to our customers,” they said.


UK top five packers   (Share of UK production)


Deans Foods                  34%

Stonegate                       12%

Fridays                           5%

Oakland Farm                5%

Glenrath Farms               5%

Total UK output           c12.5 m doz/week


See June 2006 Poultry World for more on the UK egg sector.


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