Vegetarians protest Welsh badger cull

Animal rights activist group Viva has organised a campaign against the planned badger cull study in Wales.

The study has been designed to assess the effectiveness of a cull as a control measure to reduce the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

But Viva claimed that the cull, would “only satisfy the bloodlust of farmers” and would not prevent the spread of the disease.

To get its message across Viva will be trying to turn public opinion against the cull with peaceful marches and photo calls as well as letters to Elin Jones, the Welsh minister for rural affairs.

Also planned is a leaflet dropping campaign to spread campaign catchphrase “British badgers face their biggest threat yet – the Welsh dairy farmer!”

Viva has set an initial protest for 20 September where it said it would explain to the the public that a badger cull won’t prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

“It is intensive dairy farming that is responsible for infecting badgers, not the other way round”, a Viva spokesman said.

A cull will only cause isolated badgers to wander from the sett and cause disease, Viva added.

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